Viagra Pill or Cock Ring

Some people are asking me … should I try a cock ring or a Viagra pill? These people clearly have problems with their erection which is generally called “Erectile Dysfunction” or “Male Impotence”. This is a serious problem which can highly effect your sex-life and so your relationship. What to do? Let’s discuss the cock ring and Viagra Pills.

What is a Cock Ring?
A cock ring is basically a ring around your penis, which will make sure the blood more difficult can go back and therefore there is more pressure, which results in a harder penis. Some people like it but many people complain it is not comfortable to put the cock ring on and can be painful and also it can destroy the pleasure of having sex as it looks like you are disabled. Find Sex Toys like cock rings, penis sleeves, masturbators and other sex toys for men here…

What is a Viagra Pill?
Viagra is the number 1 erection pill worldwide and also the first pill. It basically gives you the power to have long hard erections up to 6 hours for every pill. So 45 minutes before you want to have sex you just take a Viagra Pill and that is it! Now you can order viagra online and this is much cheaper than at your local pharmacist! Not even mentioning the better privacy and free shipping available at an online pharmacy

viagra generic
viagra generic

We definitely prefer Viagra over a Cock Ring. It is even cheaper and much more discreet as nobody knows you take Viagra and you will be able to have powerful loving sex for hours! Buy Viagra Online here….